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Our Irish World Music Championship Trip

Cathy, Emmi, Chris, Stephen and Justin  just traveled to Ireland in late August to visit T.J. / Nichola, Erin, and Kaitlyn & their families. Chris competed in the group music "World Championship" competition in Tullamore, IRE and his NYC based band came in 2nd...Congratulations Christopher........  It is not often that an American (Non Irish) band ever places (if ever)....They were in first place through 10 or 11 bands until the last Irish band played and took 1st. Even though it rained for most of the trip....the boys loved Ireland again, and loved seeing their cousins too !   Andrew Furlong (Chris' cousin) also competed - Congrats Andrew.

We start Ice Hockey season again (Yesterday..)  I'll have updates as well for Stephens Fall Lacrosse and Chris' Music....

Be sure to visit our Photos page for more vacation photos.


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